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Prem means love and patanga is a special moth that is very much attracted to fire, flame, and whenever there is flame the moth will come and jump into it. Its only love is fire. And hence the name 'patanga' has become a metaphor in the east -- a metaphor for the lover. A lover has to be like the moth -- ready to jump into fire, ready to die, ready to disappear. God is the flame and the seeker has to be the moth....

[The new sannyasin says: I have been dancing since I was nine years old, but I never felt so much energy as here. When I danced here it was incredible!]

That's true! Here the whole energy is of dance. And now your quality of dance will change: you will get more into it. It will not be just a profession; it will become a vocation. And when one can do something with great love, devotion, then each thing in life becomes meditation. And dance is such a beautiful phenomenon. There is nothing like dance as far as meditation is concerned.

So you have one of the most blessed vocations available to humanity. Your very work can become your meditation. So now dance with the idea that it has to be not just technically correct -- that's okay; technically it has to be correct. But it has to be meditative. Bring a quality of silence into it. And while you are dancing, rather than manipulating yourself, relax; relax into it, let things happen. Rather than making them happen, rather than creating them, let them happen. Be more innocent in it. And then you will be surprised that not only are you enjoying it, others will enjoy more. Wherever there is innocence, the door to the divine opens... and a dancer can do immense work.

Now you will be my sannyasin, so dance as a sannyasin should dance. And provoke god before you go into dance. Remember me, and just think that you are dancing for god, not for ordinary people. God is your audience, and you have to disappear in the dance. When there is no ego and the dance is pure, then you will know exactly what it is for the first time. All the old religions of the world were dancing religions. By and by they have disappeared, and instead of the dancing religions very dull and dead churches have arisen.

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