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Prem means love, renu means dust -- love dust.

But once dust is of love it is divine. Love transforms it: then it is no more dust; it is dust only if love is missing. If love is missing then man is nothing but dust. Once love enters into life, dust becomes aflame with the divine. The only transforming force is love.

Prem means love, shikha means flame -- a love flame. Love happens like a flame: it is a flame in the heart. It is fire, although cool. It is fire, it burns, but it gives a new life too. It is death and resurrection both.

Veet means beyond, manohar means man -- beyond man. Man is a paradox: he can only be man when he surpasses himself Man is not born as man but only as an opportunity. One can be, one can miss it too. It is not a certainty, it is not a given fact -- it is only a potentiality, and there is every possibility to miss it. The majority of people miss it, and the fundamental reason for their missing is that they think that they are already man. Nobody is born as man. The form is there, but the soul is not. The body is there, but the spirit is lacking.

So as man finds himself, he has to continuously transcend it. In that very transcendence, he really becomes a man; that is the paradox. By continuously transcending, one arrives at one's reality.

I call it a paradox because the being is revealed only through becoming. Man's way to being is through becoming. Never take yourself for granted -- that's where millions are stuck.

A rose bush is born as a rose bush, but not man! A camel is born as a camel, but not man. Man has some speciality about him. He is born as a surpassing, as a transcending energy. There is no end to his growth, he can go on growing; this is an infinite process.

Friedrich Nietzsche has said 'That day will be the most unfortunate when man will not look beyond himself, when man will be smug and satisfied with himself, when the arrow of man's desire will not move towards some unknown star, when man will think "This is all there is."'

I agree totally with Friedrich Nietzsche about this. That will be the most unfortunate day, but that unfortunate day has always been here for the

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