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[NOTE: This is an unedited tape transcript of an unpublished darshan diary, which has been scanned and cleaned up. It is for reference purposes only.]

Prem Jan. Prem means love. Jan is a form of Hebrew, John. John the most beloved disciple of Jesus, hence his name has become a symbol of disciplehood.

Love is the most essential quality, the fundamental quality, without which nobody can be a disciple It is easy to be a student -- it needs no love, it needs only logic -- because the communication between the teacher and the student is from head to head. It is verbal, intellectual, logical. The teacher simply imparts information and the student accumulates it in his memory. There is no question of love. Love goes not arise between the teacher and the student, hence the relationship is impersonal; it is not a relationship at all. It is very formal.

But to be a disciple is totally different. It is not something formal. It is a commitment, it is involvement. It is becoming part of the master. It needs not communication from head to head but a communion from heart to heart.

The verbal part is not that important. The non-verbal part is far more essential, because the master is not a teacher, just as the disciple is not a student. The master has no information to impart to you, he has something far more valuable: he wants to impart a transformation to your being. It is not a question of accumulating something in your memory, it is a question of a dying and being reborn.

The disciple disappears into the master, dies in a way; leaves the old identity, forgets all about his past and renews himself totally. It is a new beginning, a new birth. And without love it is not possible.

Only the miracle of love can make it possible, otherwise it is impossible. Being a disciple means falling in deep love without any motive, for no ulterior end because love is not a means to any end; it is an end unto itself.

Once love has started flowing then the master can trigger a process in you which can bring light, which . can bring bliss, which can bring truth, which ultimately can bring god. It is a tremendous journey.

Prem Vinamro. Prem means

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