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[NOTE: This is an unedited tape transcript of an unpublished darshan diary, which has been copy-typed. It is for reference purposes only.]

This is your name: Ma Veet Silke.

Veet means going beyond. Silke means blind.

Man is blind, not because he has no eyes but only because his eyes are covered with much dust. That dust has to be removed and with the dust blindness disappears. Man is like a mirror and it is but natural to collect dust. All that is needed is a constant cleaning of the mirror. That's what meditation is all about, the art of cleaning your inner mirror of consciousness.

Meditation has to become just like eating, drinking, taking your bath, sleeping: a natural part of your life, of your ordinary life - nothing special, nothing spiritual, nothing to brag about. Then only slowly slowly blindness disappears; one becomes able to see.

People ask, "Where is god?" They should simply ask, "Where are our eyes?" God is everywhere, it is unquestionably everywhere, only god is, but we are blind.

We are like a blind man asking, "Where is light?" No argument can convince him, no proof can be given to him. All that he needs is a physician who can cure his eyes.

The master is not a teacher, the master is not a philosopher, the master is a physician. And to be a disciple simply means to be under a master's treatment. It means to be a patient; literally too because it needs great patience. But one can go beyond blindness because it is nothing to do with our nature, it is something imposed from the outside. It can be dropped. And the moment it is dropped your life has a tremendous glory to it. It becomes a dance of gratitude.

Experiencing god is the only bliss in existence. Everything else is just momentary. Only the experience of god is eternal; is something that, once attained, is forever.

(To Dieter) -- This is your name: Swami Dhyan Dieter.

Dhyan means meditation. Dieter means full of justice.

Meditation is the only possibility of someone becoming full of justice. Because the basic requirement of meditation is dropping of all prejudices. When all prejudices are dropped you cannot be unjust,

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