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[Osho tells a new sannyasin that the possibility is great and not to miss the opportunity... one can miss it very easily.... ]

The door opens once in a while, so don't hesitate. Right now the door is open for you. If you can gather courage to go into it, nothing is impossible in this moment.

So drop all ideas that can create any hindrance. Drop all kinds of negative attitudes. Become a yes more around here and things will start happening -- things that you have been waiting for for many lives, things that you cannot manage to happen, things which there is no way to manufacture. They come when they come. And they are very close to you -- just by the comer -- but one can miss them as easily.... You are in a very good space -- use it!

Deva means divine, makarand means honey, sweetness: divine sweetness. And one can become very bitter by saying no. No creates bitterness, no is the source of all poisons. If you continuously say no to things, you are poisoning your system. When you start saying yes to things, a total and unconditional yes, holding nothing back, just going into it totally -- each moment, whatsoever god wills you go on saying yes to, you go on surrendering and each moment the surrender becomes deeper and deeper -- you will find a sweetness arising in you. You will actually taste it. Your whole body will become sweet energy and your whole mind will be in a totally different dimension.

No is poisonous, yes is sweetening. No leads ultimately to hell, yes to heaven. And the whole message of sannyas is to say yes!

[The sannyasin says he will visit Khajuraho, Varanasi and Delhi, before returning to the West.]

Khajuraho is alive here! There you will find only dead statues, a nostalgia, a memory -- but here it is alive! Khajuraho is a tantra temple... tremendously beautiful but dead. India has lost track of tantra. The puritans, the moralists, have destroyed that door completely; it exists no more. Hence they are so much against me; I am trying to rebuild it.

Khajuraho is my temple. But here it is alive! Here tantra is breathing again. It is no more a dead science, not a subject to be studied by historians but a psychology

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