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Fearlessness is the first condition for the life of spiritualism. One who cannot take courage to that, cannot dive deep into his own self. The courage which is required for going alone in dark nights, in darkness and in unknown and fierce path, a greater courage than that is required to go into the self, because it breaks the sweet dreams which one has built up about his own self and because as one has to face such ugly and condemnable sins from which one has taken himself to he entirely free.

Look at yourself after removing all your clothes. Look what you are after removing all your doctrines.

Take your face out of the sands and see.... This opening of eyes.... to see that way is a change.... a beginning of a new life. The change begins as soon as the eyes open and whatever we do after that leads us to truth.

We are to walk to the light removing the layers of darkness, to walk to the Lord removing the layers of sin, to attain the self by destroying ignorance. This is the right path of spiritualism. We are not to dream before that... We are not to dream of the self and the God...... We are not to dream of the Brahman which is the existence the knowledge and the bliss......

These all are the ways of an ostrich for hiding his face in the sand... This is not the way of human exertion. This is the false satisfaction of those who are devoid of power for exertion.



I peep into your eyes. I see there a torture, an intense pain and a deep sorrow. I find in them not the light and cheer of life, but a thick darkness and disappointment, which is opposed to life. I find there not the music of individuality but a sorrowful tune of disorder. All beauty, all tunefulness, all proportions have been shattered. Perhaps to call ourselves as individuals may also be incorrect. To be an individual, we require a focus, a definite organization; that is not there. We are in a state of disorder in the absence of that individuality, organization and focus.

Man has broken down. Something very valuable in him has been lost and shattered. It looks as though we are the remnants of a broken order. That order

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