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Satyo Dorothee. Satyo means truth; Dorothee means a gift of God.

Truth is never an achievement; one cannot seek and search it. Seeking is a sure way of not finding it. Search and you will miss, because the very idea of searching, seeking, is rooted in desire, and desire is the barrier.

Truth happens when there is no desire in the mind. When the mind is utterly desireless, then truth comes. It visits only when desire has left it. Not only the worldly desires but the desire for truth also should leave. Not only desires for money, power and prestige, but desire for God also is a barrier. The object of desire is irrelevant; desire itself is the problem.

Truth is a gift for those who have dropped desiring. In those rare moments when the mind is without desire there is such silence, such receptivity, that one cannot imagine it, one cannot dream about it. It is utter silence, because all noise consists of desires. In that silence is benediction. That silence is truth.

Deva Wolfgang. Deva means divine; Wolfgang means the walk of the wolf. But because each thing is divine, even the walk of the wolf is divine; because each being is divine, even the wolf is divine. The animal has not to be destroyed; the animal has to be raised to the divine.

And we have all wolves within us. We come from the world of the animals. Charles Darwin is perfectly right, that man is an evolved form of animals. But he ends there; that's where he is wrong. Man is not yet arrived; it is on the way. Man has come from the animals but has to go to God too. Man is only a passage for the animal to attain the divine, a bridge stretched between the animal and the divine.

Animals are perfect in a sense: they are born as they are going to live their whole life. Man is not perfect in that sense. He is a becoming, a changing, a flux. He can fall below the animals; he can rise above the angels. Both possibilities are there. It all depends how you use the opportunity of life.

If one goes on looking outside one's being, one goes on falling below. The moment eyes turn inwards, we start rising above. Inwards is synonymous with upwards, outwards synonymous with downwards.

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