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[A sannyasin who is leaving says: I am facing new things which I have not faced before.]

Very good. This new space is your reality. Whatsoever you have known up to now was not really you. It was the identity given by others -- the parents, the society, the world. Now you are coming to encounter yourself.

Sometimes it will be very scary -- so remember it. Sometimes you will feel that you are losing your identity... getting lost. So remember, that is how it has to be -- and go into it. Lose all track of yourself, and then for the first time you will be back home. You have to dissolve into this new space.

There is going to be a great struggle between the old and the new. Ahead there is going to be almost a war within you, because the new will try to spread all over you, and the old will try to resist, to fight it back, not to allow it to happen. There is going to be a conflict, a wrestling, between you and you, your past and your future, that which you have been up to now and that which you are going to be from now on.

So always remember that the past has to be dropped and the future has to be chosen. It is risky... the past is very secure, comfortable, convenient -- but it is dead. It is like a grave. If you choose it, you choose death.

The future is very scary, frightening, but it is open. It is alive. It is adventure. Risk is there, insecurity is there, but that's how life flowers -- in insecurity. That's how life comes to be integrated -- in risk. The more risk you take, the more grounded you are. Each moment will be a thrill -- sometimes very frightening, sometimes very blissful. I can promise only one thing -- that it will be a constant thrill, frightening or blissful, but it .will be a thrill. Each moment you will be coming upon something new. It will be a constant wonder. It will be both a wandering and a wondering.

From now onwards it will be very difficult for you to know who you are. This new space will destroy all old identities, past formulations of your being, boundaries, demarcations, definitions. This new space is very dangerous. It is like death. It can spread all over you. It is going to kill you utterly, completely.

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