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The question is very strange because the first quality of intellect is discrimination. A man of intellect is bound to be a man of discrimination. Intellect has no function. Its only function is to decide what is right, what is wrong. Discrimination is its whole area. So if you say that I am a man of intellect, then the second part of your question becomes inconsistent with the first part. And you can see this is discrimination; the first part of your question is inconsistent with the second part.

You say that I trust everybody and everybody betrays me. I wonder how you have come to this conclusion. I certainly trust everybody but nobody has ever betrayed me, because my trust is not conditional. This has to be understood.

Your trust can be betrayed if you have a condition in it. If I trust you without any condition there is no possibility of betraying me. Whatever you do I will still trust you. You can kill me but you cannot destroy my trust. I will die trusting you.

If you do anything that appears to others as betrayal that simply means you are betraying yourself, you are falling from your own dignity. But you cannot betray me. I have never experienced any betrayal in my life. I cannot condemn anybody of betraying. Everybody has behaved the way that he could and I had never expected him to behave in any other way. I have trusted him the way he is. My trust is not a demand that you have to behave in a certain way. So whatever you do, you are doing to yourself, not to me.

But whoever has asked the question is unaware of an unconditional trust, an unconditional love. All our love, all our trust, is conditional. And because it is conditional it is not authentic, it is not true. Then if the person behaves a little bit differently, goes in a different direction than you have been demanding, directly or indirectly, immediately you start condemning him, that he has betrayed you. You had assumed that you had purchased the person and his future too. The future remains open. You cannot say what the other is going to do tomorrow

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