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Anand means bliss, and avid means one who knows -- one who knows blissfully, one who knows through bliss, a knowing blissfulness. And God can only be known that way; God cannot be known through suffering. Everybody tends to remember God when they suffer. But the real lovers are those who remember him when they are happy, because it is only in happiness that we are open to him. Happiness really means that we are very close to him, because happiness is possible only when we are close to him. So remember when you are happy... make it a point, whenever there is happiness, to turn it into prayer. Whenever you are joyous bow down, and that will bring you closer and closer to God every day. And God is not far away: he is just around the corner!

[A sannyasin at his leaving darshan says he wants to return forever... and also that he has a problem relaxing.]

... It will be good if you can come because much more will be possible while you are here close to me. There are different types of people. There are a few people who can grow even far away from me. You will not be able to; you will need the physical presence. You are a very earth-bound person, and that may be one of the reasons why you can't relax. You are a very practical person, empirical, experimental.

Dreamers can relax very easily. In fact it is very difficult for them to be active; laziness comes very easy to them. Whenever there is an opportunity they can fall asleep; activity is difficult. To you activity is not difficult and if you are not physically active then you are mentally active. That's why listening to me or listening to the tape helps you to relax because is goes on boggling your mind. You cannot think: it absorbs you totally. Nothing is left to think about. It magnetises your whole attention. It takes your whole mind so nothing is left behind; there is emptiness. Then you can relax.

Just being close to me you will be able to relax utterly. And it is not that I turn people into inactive people -- no, not at all; I put them to activity. But I take the actor away from them. The doer is taken away but not the doing. That's what you need: you need action without any tension. And

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