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Michael means one who is godlike, and anando means blissful. One is basically divine because all is divine. To exist is to be divine, to be alive is to be divine, to breathe is to be divine. Hence trees are divine and the rocks and the birds and the people -- whatsoever is. Divinity is another name of isness.

God is not a person. God is the feeling of the presence of this tremendous isness that surrounds you. It is infinite, it is eternal: no beginning, no end. And it is incredible, unbelievable! Why is it there? -- there is no answer to the question; it is simply there. It is mysterious, it is miraculous. Nobody has ever been able to fathom the depth of its abyss. There seems to be no bottom to it -- no ceiling, no bottom. This infinite isness is what is meant by the word "god".

But the moment we use the word "god", it misleads us. It gives us a feeling of a person, and that is totally wrong. God is not a person but a presence, a pure presence. Suddenly, in the mountains you feel it: the silence, the solidity of the mountains, almost the eternal quality, the permanence of the mountains, and the closeness to nature. One is overwhelmed with the isness, the isness of things.

This bird chirping, the rain falling on the roof, the wind blowing through the trees... all this is included when I say isness. Even things are included, even things are not just things, they also partake of, and participate in, divine existence. To be overwhelmed by it is to be blissful, to be aware of it is to be blissful.

Sannyas is initiation into this isness, into this freedom of existence, into this mysterious "x. Because it has no name, it is better to call it "x" than God, because God becomes a definition. And the only way to know it is to be utterly free in yourself -- no dogma, no scripture, no religion, no ideology. Sannyas is a declaration of freedom.

I am not here to make you a slave in any way, because I have no ideology. Even if you want to depend on me you cannot, I am absolutely undependable! Even if you want to cling to me you cannot, because I am not there. And I have no doctrine and no scripture and no religion. I am not teaching you anything

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