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Before I start a new series of talks on Zen -- called THIS. THIS. A THOUSAND TIMES THIS -- I want to devote today to preparation for the coming Zen anecdotes... absurd yet profound, without any rationality but still as truthful as language allows.

I am wearing sunglasses in the night; it is due to the courtesy of President Ronald Reagan. His poisoning has created many after-effects. One of them is that my eyes have immensely weakened; they cannot face even the daylight. But even through my glasses I am perfectly able to see you.

In this connection a practical joke:

I have received an invitation from one of the most important global promoters in the election of the president of America. They want me to run for the presidency and they are ready to promote me. Even though I have been prevented -- illegally, unconstitutionally -- from entering America for ten years, certainly I can enter the presidential election. The law cannot prevent me. I can remain outside of America.

I have told Global Promotions to go ahead.

It does not matter whether I win or I lose. What matters is that it will decide how many intelligent people live in America, how many people have a sense of humor and how many people have a universal sense of humanity as one.

If by chance I win the presidency, it will be really the greatest laughter in history. And it will be the beginning of a new day. I certainly hope there are people, irrespective of party or religion or prejudice, who will support me just for the sake of a good laugh.

These glasses will do good, they will look good on American television. At least my face will be more presentable than Ronald Reagan's.

My fight continues against the illegality and the crime that has been done to me and to my commune and my people. You will be surprised that they went on delaying a decision in the Supreme Court of Oregon till they expelled me from America...

I was there for five years without any entry visa. They could not tell me to go out of America; they knew I would fight in the courts. And every American is a foreigner -- the real Americans have been killed, massacred, forced

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