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This will be your new name... and the end of the old life and the beginning of the totally new. Let it be totally new. Sometimes a thing is new, but not totally new -- then it doesn't work. Then it is just a modification of the old, a continuity with the past. Only the discontinuous works -- absolute discontinuity with the past; only that is radical.

Sannyas is a radical change from the very roots... a decision to commit suicide as far as the past is concerned, and a decision to be born again as far as the future is concerned. It is a vital decision of tremendous import -- but everything depends on you.

So be very understanding about it -- that from this very moment your past is dropped, that it doesn't belong to you any more, that it was fictitious, that it was a dream you were passing through, that it was a projection of the mind, that you are awakened from that dream.

And the new has to be totally new. Totally new means that which you cannot recognise. If you can recognise it, that means it is something of the old -- otherwise from where will the recognition come?

So from this moment be a stranger, an outsider, as far as this world is concerned. Move in the world but don't be of it. Remain aloof... remain alert.

And I am giving you a very significant name: Swami Veet Kalpu.

It means beyond imagination. Veet means beyond, kalpu means imagination. And it has to be understood, because it is not only a name -- it is a code message, and your whole life will be needed to decode it.

Imagination is the only barrier. Because of imagination we cannot see that which is. But it is needed in a way.... Without imagination also we cannot live because life is so miserable. If there were no imagination man would have committed suicide long ago or would have gone mad. It is through imagination that we create buffers, shock absorbers. It is through imagination that we go on hoping against all hope. It is through imagination that we become capable of tolerance. Otherwise everything is ugly and. all is suffering and all around there is nothing but misery -- what buddha calls 'dukkha'.

Absolute misery is there all around -- within,

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