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more and more overwhelming. It starts surrounding you like a cloud, it starts raining on you like flowers.

And if you can take the first step into love one has almost covered half the journey, because there are only two steps. The first is love and the second is death. You start loving and then you have to dissolve yourself. That is death, real death. But if one can die lovingly, if one can dissolve into deep love, one is resurrected immediately. One is born in a new spirit, in a new form. That form is divine, that form is immortal.

This is your new name: Ma Premyog. Premyog means the path of love.

There are two paths possible, because there are two types of psychoanalysis in the world. The world is always divided into tow, everything is divided into two: biologically, psychologically, physiologically. The world is a duality. Light can exist only with darkness. Compassion can exist only with anger, peace can exist only with war. There are like negative and positive poles of electricity.

Man and woman are biological polarities. Exactly in the same way there are two paths; they are polar opposites but they lead to the same goal. One path is of meditation, awareness. Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tzu -- these are the people who have followed the path of meditation. On the path of meditation love is not discussed at all. There is no reason to discuss love. Not that love does not happen, but is happens only in the end. When the traveller has reached the ultimate goal, then suddenly he finds that he has been following the path of meditation but that like a shadow, a by-product, love has happened.

Buddha has said: When meditation flowers totally the first indication is that one becomes absolutely loving, one becomes compassionate. When meditation blooms, love spreads like a fragrance.

On the path of love, awareness is not discussed at all. Rather just the opposite is needed, a kind of drunkenness, a kind of intoxication. In awareness you try to self-remember, to ask 'Who am I?' In love you try to dissolve, whoever you are, X, Y, Z, it doesn't matter. Who cares? -- It has to be dissolved. So whatever it is, X,Y,Z, is irrelevant. Whatsoever

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