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that is through meditation.

And then, again brings to another difficulty: in science this is one of the basic rules that you should not be identified with the object of your study. You should remain indifferent, aloof. If you become identified, then your study will not be objective.

If that is a fundamental rule in science, then the scientist has to drop that fundamental rule outside, because in meditation, he has to become one with his being. All separation has to be dropped. And everything that separates thoughts, feelings, emotions; they all have to be dropped. So only an organic unity of consciousness remains.

The scientist cannot stand outside it and watch it. He will be inside it. He will be experiencing it. But he cannot stand outside it and watch it, the way he is accustomed to do in his labs: standing outside things, watching. That is not possible.

Just as science has its own fundamentals, religious experience has its own fundamentals.

The first fundamental is: it can never be an objective thing. You can experience it but you cannot study it. You can be it but you cannot be a watcher. Being it will transform you. It will bring new qualities to you. But that will not be study. That will be transformation. That will be mutation.

So these people who are thinking to study religions have to understand first thing that religious experience is not within the world of objective study. You are it! How can you put yourself on the table? And at the same time standing by the side of the table dissecting yourself? And if it is possible in some way, then the person you have put on the table is not you. The person who is dissecting, standing by the table, is you.

So let me say it in another words: Consciousness is irreducible to an object. Whatever you do, it always remains the subject.

I am reminded of a Japanese toy children play. In Japan they call it Daruma doll. Daruma is Japanese name for Bodhidharma. The doll has a special quality. You can throw it any way, but it will always fall down sitting in a lotus posture. That you cannot change. You can topple it; you can hit it; you can throw it. But whenever it will

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