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religious people have given to human life is arbitrary. These people are exposing the arbitrariness of the religious people's meaning -- but that does not mean that life is meaningless. It simply means that the meaning that was given to life up to now is found invalid:

God is not the meaning of life.

Life beyond death is not the meaning of life.

Jesus Christ is not the meaning of life. But that does not mean that life has no meaning.

But because you have been thinking that this is the meaning of life, when suddenly it falls apart, you pick up the polar opposite idea of meaninglessness.

I want you to remember my standpoint.

I am an existentialist. And I say to you that life is neither meaningful nor meaningless. The question is irrelevant.

Life is just an opportunity, an opening.

It depends what you make of it.

It depends on you what meaning, what color, what song, what poetry, what dance you give to it.

Life is a creative challenge.

And it is good that it hasn't any fixed meaning, otherwise there would be no challenge. Then it would be just a ready-made thing: you are born and the meaning of life is given to you and you carry it your whole life; this is the meaning of your life. No, existence is far more profound than any meaning.

Existence is just a challenge to creativity.

It allows you all the space that you need -- and you think it is empty? Just try to use the right words, because words have a certain context. "Empty" is a sad word; it seems something is missing, something that should have been is not there. But why call it empty? Why in the first place expect that something should be there waiting for you? Who are you? Give it the right name.

It is one of the basic arts of living to call things by their right name, the right word, to make the right gesture... because even a slightly wrong word brings wrong associations. Now, "empty"... the very sound of the word reminds you of something futile. No, I give it a different meaning: it is spaciousness, uncluttered with anything.

Existence is so spacious that it allows you absolute freedom to be whatsoever you

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